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The Diocesan Mission & Ministry team is fully committed to helping everyone grow in their understanding and experience of faith so that each of us can more confidently engage in our communities and serve a world so desperately in need of God’s Good News.  'Read More' about the local  training programme

To support what happens in our parish churches, the Diocese has recently adopted a new multi-tier approach to coaching.

Tier one learning offers a broad and varied series of stand-alone or short-course opportunities that are suitable for anyone to come along and enjoy.

Whether it’s because you already have an interest in a particular area and want a ‘refresher’ or would like to gain some ‘new ideas’, or if you’re just interested to see what’s being said, then these sessions are for you.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Goto   http://www.derby.anglican.org/en/school-of-formation/learning-in-faith/l...