Photo Gallery 2020

The Church is Open for Private Prayer

St Nick's Chapel will be open for individual prayer by appointment on the following days:

Monday Afternoons 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm
Monday Evenings 7pm, 8pm
Wednesday Mornings 9am, 10am, 11am
Wednesday Afternoons 2pm, 3pm, 4pm ,5pm
Saturday Mornings 9am, 10am, 11am, 12noon

Please contact Revd Becky by phone for a slot- 01332 550224

Each session will be for 50 mins, please enter through the car-park lobby doors, turn right into the Choir Vestry. You will need to sanitise your hands and write down your contact details which will be held by us for 21 days. Follow the one way system into the Chapel (not the Main Church). Exit via the Chapel exterior door, come back through the lobby doors, through the lobby and exit into the car-park.

There is an explanatory video for you to watch as well. You can find it here.


104th birthday_0.jpg
Celebrating the birthday of our oldest church member...
Winn - 104!! Happy Birthday

Rainbow Garlands_0.jpg
Rainbow Garlands at the Vicarage


st nicks congregation_0_0.jpg
St Nick's Congregation - March 2020


Palm Sunday at the Vicarage 1_0.jpg
Palm Sunday at the Vicarage

Palm Sunday_0.jpg
Palm Sunday

Blossom 2_0.jpg
Spring Blossom at St Nick's

Spring Blossom at St Nick's

Easter Sunday Morning 2_0.jpg
Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Morning_0.jpg
Easter Sunday surprise by the Vicar!

VE Day Donations Table_0.jpg
VE Day Craft Table

Allestree Board 5_0.jpg
our 'thank you' chalk board outside church carpark

VE Day Celebrations 3_0.jpg
VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Donations Table 2_0.jpg
VE Day Crafts and Donations Table outside church

VE Day Celebrations 1_1_0.png
VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Celebrations 2_0.jpg
VE Day Celebrations


Allestree Board 4_0.jpg
The Allestree Board

Save the NHS Pebbles_0.jpg

St Nicks Donation Table 3_0.jpg
Free Craft Bags!

St Nicks Donation Table_0.jpg
St Nick's Donation Table

Allestree Board 3_0.jpg
The Allestree Board - Lovely Messages!

St Nicks Donation Table 2_0.jpg
Free tomato plants!


Beautiful Aquilegia growing at the church

Allestree Board 2_0.jpg
The Allestree Board - Smile :)

Allestree Chalk Board 1_0.jpg
The Allestree Board ... who would you give your last Rolo to?

Hold a Rainbow PomPom_0.jpg
'Hold a Rainbow' Pompoms